How Profiles Work

Winning strategies that are fully customized. Creating your own portfolio, is a simple and easy.

Funderbuilt: Create a Project

1. Create a Profile

Every user can create a multiple profiles, including profiles of investible offering profiles,franchise/brand profiles, franchisee profiles, and investor profiles, as well as service provider profiles, that are linked to their user account.

2. Publish Your Profile

Publish your profile, once you have completed a profile you can "launch" it, and notifications will go out to your network, and all people associated with the profile (whether or not they are users already)

Funderbuilt: Refine your project

Funderbuilt: Launch and promote your project

3. Launch and promote

If your profile is a brand, or development company, franchisee or multi unit owner, that is posting an investment offering, and you complete your profile, and all associated persons with the profile are verified, the system will prompt you to post a "fundraising" link on your profile. The link can point to any investment campaign off platform or website. If we don't issue you an "Invest Now" button you can still use our website to promote your offering.

4. Bring it to life

We examine all offerings on the platform, if we approve your offering we will post an "Invest Now" Button that will link to our broker dealer, and the investment offering is listed on our platform.

Funderbuilt: Bring it to life

Funderbuilt: Share your story

5. Share your story

Share your story. We love success stories post them on your blog board, and optimize and link your profiles to social media

How Investing Works

Funderbuilt: Explore Projects

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The Fund Index

Funderbuilt: FunderFactor

The Fund Index helps both project owners and funders gage a funds's quality and credibility.

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The entire franchise industry, a broad range asset classes, 3800 brands, 170 sectors, curated, customized - great returns.

Single-Company Funds

  • 2 Million Cap
  • 99 Participants
  • Reg D or Interstate crowdfunding offering
  • Professional management
  • Standardized Operating Agreement
  • Access Brand Equity Deals
  • Access Mulit-Unit Development Deal
  • Access to Corporate Refranchise Deals
  • Minimum Investment: $10,000

Syndicated Funds

  • Invest along side a known industry developers
  • No limit to the number of participants
  • Professional management
  • Standardized Operating Agreement
  • Minimum Investment: No Minimum
  • Reg D or Interstate crowdfunding offering

Portfolio Funds

  • The Future of Franchising
  • Reg A+ Funds
  • Strategic, Scaled Franchise Funds
  • Minimum Investment: No Minimum
  • Create Your Own Portfolio
  • Access to brandCrowder Curated Funds
  • RIA/CFA? Create your Own Fund
  • Proprietary Analytics System. The Draper Solution