We are using scaleable automated technology to optimally match franchisees with franchisors. Adding portfolio and syndication functionality which lowers the barrier of entry, and creates additional opportunities for investor diversification.

About brandCrowder


Since October of 2014, dozens of franchise industry contacts have been exposed to concept prototypes. Insights from all demographics and markets have helped shape and validate our products core features and functionality. Response from The International Franchisor Association meeting in February 2016 is expected to be overwhelmingly positive. Leading franchisors, multi-unit franchise operators, and industry influencers from around the United States continue to express their interest in brandCrowder.


BrandCrowder is an equity crowdfunding mobile platform that incorporates syndicate functionality, and more passive portfolio product offerings. BrandCrowder is regulatory compliant across federal and state jurisdictions, and encompasses broker dealer back-end compliance, investor accreditation, and coordinates sales materials with regulatory compliance filings. BrandCrowder will leverage recent regulatory changes under the “JOBS Act,” and its state counterparts. These changes allow and authorize general solicitation and broad nonaccredited investor participation in “equity crowdfunding,” that lowers the barrier to franchise investing, and allows like minded investors to pool their financial resources. BrandCrowder will be a first mover in embracing changes in general solicitation rules, and investor participation, while tracking state and federal compliance requirements, and filings.


  • Announcement: May 10-11 - Come see us present at Finovate Spring 2016 in San Jose,CA.
  • Announcement: brandCrowder has been accecpted into the 2016 QC FinTech Accelerator sponsored by Bank of America.